KTI Schwingungstechnik

About KTI

KTI Schwingungstechnik GmbH was founded by the engineer Rolf Trautmann in 1987.

From its headquarters in Mettmann, Germany, KTI today supplies spring supports for vibration insulation of machines and plant to customers around the world. KTI also offers comprehensive consulting services – from project planning to the final installation. It also acts as appraisal expert.

KTI distributes its spring suspension systems and vibration dampers through agencies in France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic and Turkey, in China, Indonesia and South-Korea, as well as in the US.

Modular system for spring supports

KTI had already developed spring supports with viscose safety damping in rectangular design according to its own modular system 1987. This allowed reliable calculation of damping systems and low material and production costs.

Nearly 30 years of experience in all parts of the world and continuously rising turnover are evidence of the reliability of KTI and its isolators.