KTI Schwingungstechnik

Put a spring in your step.

Spring supports with viscose safety damping for vibration insulation of

Machines with primarily an impact operation, such as
  • Presses and stamps with a compressive force up to 30,000 kN
  • Forging presses with a compressive force up to 15,000 KN
  • Forging hammers with blow energy of up to 400 kJ
  • Car shredders with machine weight up to 500 tons
Machines with primarily periodic operation, such as
  • Turbines with an output up to 300 MW
  • Pumps, blowers
  • Mills
  • Roll grinder machines with a grinding length of up to 20,000 mm
  • Test stands and centrifuges with variable speeds
  • Building vibration insulation for building weights of up to 2,000 tons

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